make a simple 2d, 3d, or VR game using unity

unity game developer

Offer Description

If you have a Unique or Niche game idea then need not look any further, for I can make exactly what you want.

I will make a game exactly to your request.

Currently I only make games for Windows PC and PCVR. I plan on learning how to make android games.

I'm a solo developer using the Unity game engine, I will try to get you your game BEFORE 2 weeks. I am willing
to make a game for whatever reason, It doesn't matter to me. Projects will likely very in content. i.e. If your game
is really simple there can probably be more mechanics, if your game is complicated there might be one
mechanic. Your game can be multiplayer as long as it has no more than 20 people playing at once. Also I can
add controller support or controller only.

However I will not make Puzzle games because they require a lot of content/levels.

Best if your game sticks to one level, however this will vary depending on game so message me first.

Don't have a certain style in mind, I'm using what I can make. I'm not very good at art.


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